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Consulting Services

Integrated Pharmacy Services, Inc. offers a unique suite of 340B solutions that allow you to effectively manage your patient populations and optimize the benefits of the 340B drug purchasing program, while supporting compliance through challenging regulatory requirements. We provide you with unmatched guidance to ensure you can optimize 340B opportunities to improve your organization’s financial and clinical outcomes. With over 15 years in the 340B industry, IPS consultants provide a vast background of industry knowledge to achieving an integrated platform of pharmacy services. We are MBE certified to meet your contracting goals. 
Compliance Reviews


Tailored 340B compliance reviews which includes verifying patient and physician eligibility, policies and procedures, contract pharmacy, child sites, procurement, and Medicaid billing for compliance with applicable state laws.


Continued quarterly compliance reviews provide ongoing support post initial 6-month HRSA mock audit review which includes quarterly

web-based meetings to address regulatory compliance within the findings report. 



Full implementation guidance for eligible 340B hospitals providing the necessary support for identifying eligible outpatient areas, registration, choosing inventory management software, forecasting 340B savings opportunities, and developing appropriate policies and procedures.


Full implementation assistance in contract pharmacy providing the support from registration, contract negotiation, implementation, forecasting, and consultative support.


Contract Pharmacy 


Robust 340B contract pharmacy analysis which includes a full business revenue forecast and assistance in identifying key pharmacies for contracting partnerships including specialty pharmacy. 


Consulting Support and Services

Engagement support provided for additional need with PBM, employee prescriptions, specialty pharmacy and operations support. 


Retail Pharmacy Analysis

Customized retail pharmacy assessments for hospitals and health systems interested in opening their own retail pharmacy. Business forecast report based on eligible dispensations. 

WAC Savings Analysis


Savings optimization by reviewing your purchasing habits. We analyze your WAC, 340B and GPO purchases to find savings for your institution. There is no upfront fee with this service. Our fee is based on our savings opportunities. 



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