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Our Team

IPS consultants have over a combined 15 years in the 340B industry. Their vast knowledge and background in pharmacy includes ambulatory care, retail management, hospital, PBM, operations, specialty, and contract pharmacy. IPS's industry knowledge achieves an integrated platform of pharmacy services. 

IPS had obtained certification as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). 



Integrated Pharmacy Services, Inc. offers a unique suite of 340B solutions that allow you to effectively manage your patient populations and optimize the benefits of the 340B drug purchasing program, while supporting compliance through challenging regulatory requirements.  We provide you with unmatched guidance to ensure you can optimze 340B opportunities to improve your organization's financial and clinical outcomes. 



Integrated Pharmacy Services, Inc.

PO Box 79072

Charlotte, NC 28271 


Rita Baskett RPh, MBA/MHA


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